About Me

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I'm interested in creation fields, ideas and concepts to build multi-platforms, narrative & efficient ways of communications.
I grew up in Paris and live Southern Califorina, the son of an Architect. I ended up in Hollywood and Paris to study to be a Motion Designer. I worked at HelloHikirmori as a web designer, and Motion Designer ,also worked at ManekliLab for multiple collaboration as a Motion Designer and Editor . You can see some of my work here in my creative portfolio. I believe that idea is king, I work with passion and everyday I learn to bring my expertise up. I believe in imagination, collaborative work, technology, future trends & new visual language. Every media has a high creative value that can be reach specificaly, every projects are unique, everything has to be design in a way forward the brief, the needs, the constrains & the time schedule. I work closer to your team to produce fast and efficients solutions to turn things fresh with good moods always.

My Service

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Now that video is such am important toll to reach the audience, motion design has come in to its own. Having a brand is important but it’s just as important to present that brand in fresh and kinetic way that draws in the audience and raises the bar of your image.

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Film is where I started. In early 2009 I started producing promotional video for conferences, artists and various other clients. Film is an excellent form of media that incorporates all types of content from video to sound and even graphics. No wonder it’s become such a powerful way for businesses, causes and individuals to promote themselves.

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Photography is the image but it also reflects the company or the client's values . This is why it is imperative to have an image that can accurately capture the service , the company, the client and the relationship .